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When was the last time you felt lost for career and life direction?

We know well that the extent of achievement and success in each person’s life and career is a function of their self-concept, motivation, values, belief, decisions, and actions. Most of these, however, are never taught and addressed in our universities.

In fact, graduates today are armed to the teeth with cutting-edge knowledge and skills to manage their employers’ business yet they have spent little or no time learning how to live their own 60 years or so ahead.


Career Architects is a career training and development practice that is focused on equipping students, young graduates, and middle-level executives to excel in their careers and to succeed in life.

We are relentlessly focused on inspiring, enabling, and equipping youths to live fulfilled lives of purpose, value, adventure, abundance, and personal success. We see this as our mission and calling.

Through award-winning teaching approaches and highly customized training, seminars, workshops, and coaching, our practice places great emphasis on what participants can learn instead of what we can teach. This simply because teaching does not necessary involves learning.

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